"Cole" vs. "Evil Cole"

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User Info: tinfoil21

4 years ago#1
Which character is better? - Results (64 votes)
43.75% (28 votes)
Evil Cole
56.25% (36 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I am talking about overall effectiveness of each character, or just your personal favorite if you play better with him. I choose to play as Cole more frequently, because he is my overall main.

User Info: reptyle101

4 years ago#2
Good Cole due to his level 2.
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User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#3
Evil Cole's Falcon punch

User Info: jeremy21642

4 years ago#4
I prefer Cole as well but the facts don't lie.

Evil Cole can build AP faster, has better Anti-air and his lvl 2 and 3 are a bit better for scoring more kills.

Also the Falcon Punch for his lvl 1 is easy to use.
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User Info: tinfoil21

4 years ago#5

User Info: Chimcharwhoohoo

4 years ago#6
Cole Pros:
He can stun with [] [] [].
His Kinetic Pulse has a faster start up time than his Evil Half.
Freeze Rocket
Can absorb projectiles into AP
Ice Launch makes it easy to get out of melee situations.

His Sticky Grenade wont net any AP if its explosion is blocked.
His Level 3 is really slow and useless in a stage that is not small or medium.
Redirect Rocket doesnt home. it just goes straight down at a predetermined angle.

Evil Cole:
Firebird Strike and Double Grenade
Sucker Punch can lead into an easy Level 1.
He can trap people with Spikers

He cant stun with [] [] []
Kinetic Pulse has a slower start up time
His Level 2 is extremely slow and punishable if dodged (or just plain misses)
His Level 3 doesnt seem to last as long as everybody elses.
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User Info: LaKizzle23

4 years ago#7
Cole is the better man imo. They're pretty much the same from close range but Good Cole's freeze rocket, re-direct rocket and faster, spammy grenade move gives him more options than Evil Cole from med-long range.
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