Sackboy is the new Radec.

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User Info: WolfDawg

5 years ago#11
I wouldn't exactly call Sackboy "n00b friendly". He can be pretty tough to get the hang of, especially since he's so different from many other characters. His button layout also feels really weird to me.
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User Info: IcyFlamez96

5 years ago#12
SpacePirateKhan posted...
IcyFlamez96 posted...
Your connection is the new Radec

You're actually still the only person I've had a bad connection with. Ask Kratos, we had some long Sackboy duels yesterday.
Our internets just hate each other, apparently. XD

People do suck at fighting Sackboy. They literally jump into cakes going over their heads, repeatedly shoot themselves when the fan is in front of them, etc.

That Lv3 is a bit much, though. It needs some nerfing. Maybe less time to get rid of that one extra kill, and let bubbles move a little faster (because currently, you may as well sit still lol)

Yeah we need to try it again soon lol
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User Info: Zidaneski

5 years ago#13
Nariko can deflect all of sackboys projectiles so with her he is a piece of cake. If you're Jak you can use down square to destroy the electric pad or peace maker if you are below.

User Info: macisotsu

5 years ago#14
I'm pretty sure the cake fires at an arc. It's not that hard to dodge.

I will say Sackboy players who sit in the corner and spam it are annoying, but sometimes it's I've noticed everyone else just playing on the other end of the board leaving Sackboy to shoot cake at nothing like a jackass lol
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User Info: JayXZ

5 years ago#15
Nob friendly? I've seen some pretty TERRIBLE other Sackboys. I've played in FFA with me being Sackboy and there being another Sackboy 6 times, and i've won all of them. They got the launching projectiles part right, but they don't know what to do when they're approached, or any of his combos. I also love reflecting their cake back at them with my down square. its soo fun~

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