The Nerf/Buff Thread: Who And Why?

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User Info: lucapit

4 years ago#21
Nerf: the complainers on this board

Buff: the players who have no skill in beating people in this game...

Seriously you really think these changes are going to happen...?
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User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#22
Buff; Sir Dan
- His U2 Drumstick Grenade needs to actually knock the opponent flying away. It's pathetically weak at the moment, causes a slighter of hitstun and goes against how strong it actually is in the MediEvil games

- D1 needs to be chargable, so I can spin around several times. Once it's fully charged I should be able to keep hold of square and move around freely until I want to release it. It'd be more true to the MediEvil series

- F1 needs to recover quicker. Currently it causes a stagger, but you can't even follow-up after it because of the long animation recovery, which makes it completely pointless. The fully charged version needs armour

- A new ender to his neutral square strings, ending with his F1 stab, because in the actual MediEvil games that's how his 3-hit square attack is supposed to end. This way Sir Dan can have the choice of knocking you down for wake-up shenanigans, launching you upward for air tech shenanigans or knocking you into a stagger stun for combos

- Remove the opponent's ability to air dodge to reset how long they've been caught in his lvl 3 Super's energy field. Seriously, it makes the Super completely useless because you can just keep jumping and air dodging and the field will never kill you.

Nerf; Kratos
- F1 should still pull Kratos in for the shoulder bash even on block, so that way it's a lot more unsafe

- His Square strings in general need more recovery on block

- Reduce the AP gain on a couple of his attacks

- Reduce the length of his lvl 3 Super, but buff his lvl 1 Super to make up for it

User Info: Pie_FOREVER

4 years ago#23

User Info: xBlaze_13

4 years ago#24
Buff: Sweet Tooth, i think hes a decent character and i manage to pull off lots of wins with him in FFA, but he just seems to be lacking...His AP gain isnt so great and supers are pretty bad. Some may say his level 3 is amazing but theres a certain trick to not allowing him to get even a single kill during it.

Nerf: Kratos, SB, Raiden, obvious reasons.
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User Info: powerstdawg

4 years ago#26
Nerf sackboy. Run, throw stuff, huge meter gain for some reason. Also level 3 shouldn't put u in a bubble after dying.when sackboy gets hit items are destroyed (including none stagger hit moves) Sackboy plus another zoning character equal broken team.

Buff Dante. Dante can't for some reason not turn when doing his basic square inputs (pretty much every1 can do this) and he gets punished to hard for that; he can't even roll after first hit, nor cancel into guns to make himself safe.he needs buff mainly because he is almost no good against many people due to facts that he needs lengthy combos for meter and that can be interrupted.all you have to do keep distance, block, punish and Dante fails or just block and punish. All the same, sucks at close range and worse at far. Dante is fair just needs more recovery on normals or be able to cancel to guns on block. Whiff square cancels may make him too good

User Info: powerstdawg

4 years ago#27
xxterradarkxxx posted...
Originally I wanted an ap buff or a guns buff but that might make him too good.
So here's my idea.
Buff: be able to gun cancel whiffed square attacks.

Nerf sack boy

Nerf: his items can be more easily broken by other characters attacks.

Didn't read before I post, but whiff squares would make Dante un-catchable, on block he should be able too though. All his squares are very unsafe. I also think axe should go though and beat other projectiles. But I can live without that.

User Info: NightmareGamma

4 years ago#28
nerf: Narikos Level 3. honestly, if anyone says Kratos Level 3 is much more broken, you're wrong. 9 Kills even against human players with ONE Level 3 is broken! Even Kratos can't these. Also, unlike Kratos, if Nariko uses an Attack shortly before the Level 3 ends, she still will end the attack, instead of being pushed out of it, like Kratos. the "lowest" Kill count I had online was 5! and that is still much!

Buff: Narikos Level 1! Yes, she had an incredible OP Level 3, but one, if not THE, worst Level 1 in the game. It's only really useful if the enemy('s) is cornered, depspite that, you won't hit anything with it!
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#29
buff: sackboy

nerf: sackboy, to take away the buffs

LOL ^__^

User Info: Rikudo-Pein

4 years ago#30
Nerf: Kratos
-That chain grab needs to go. They should make it like Nariko's chain grab, so he'll basically just grab the opponent without barging them automatically. OR give it a delay.

Buff: Nariko
-lvl 1 needs to be re-done. I would say it would be better off like Radec or Sly's (Instead of Murry, Kai's bullet). Her AP gain is horrible too, she has good combo's but they're harder to land compared to the other melee characters.

-Her lvl3 footspeed should be a lot faster or the time it last's should be longer.
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