This game flopped is because the public doesn't GAF about these characters

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  3. This game flopped is because the public doesn't GAF about these characters

User Info: Mightymega

4 years ago#161
CTBradums posted...
Personally, this is one reason why I couldn't care less about this game. It's another melee/brawl game, but with characters I don't care about in the least.

Using arguments like this is why fanbases can't get along. Why play killzone its a call of duty clone, why play saints row its a GTA clone why play any game that's like any other? These are the excuses for not playing things that people get tired of hearing, its ok to let games stand on their own even if they are clones are heavily inspired.

Yes TC makes some points but other people are making points as well on why its a good game and since we don't know if the game really flopped or not part of his opinion will have to be put on hold.
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User Info: Reece504

4 years ago#162
Well I personally love the game just looking forward to more DLC stages and characters If anybody wants to play my ID is in my sig
PSN:Knickyknucklez 360:Kn1ckyknucklez

User Info: Reece504

4 years ago#163
also anybody have a spare preorder costume code ??? if so can you inbox me please
PSN:Knickyknucklez 360:Kn1ckyknucklez

User Info: Artic_Kaze

4 years ago#164
If this game actually flopped, its because it has dmc Dante in it. I cancelled my pre-order the moment I found out he was in the game. I actually wanted to get this too.
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User Info: Jorep

4 years ago#165
Sorry I've been off for a little bit to reply to anyone who posted towards me, I actually went out to the movies. On the upside, Life of Pi was a fantastic film. Anyway.

I actually saw the PS All Stars commercial at the theater. It was...well, it was what I expected. Again, I don't want to blindly hate, but if I didn't know exactly what I was watching, that commercial would have made no sense at all to me. It really didn't even show any gameplay.

As far as the game being a flop, you guys are right: I spoke too soon. It is my personal opinion that sales will not pick up over time. I do have industry experience, but I'm not a psychic. If I end up being wrong and the game does do very well, I will rescind my argument.

I understand the 360 is also marketed towards adults, but with the line of Kinect family guys and in general more accessible childrens' games, it comes off as more of a family console than the PS3, which survives off its line of mature titles.

Yes, there is Little Big Planet, but I still attest that the PS3 is the most "adult" of the consoles.

@SSBR 10

My complaints are, of course, personal opinions about the characters. That being said, I still believe on a general consensus I am correct. I understand some people will like the characters, but I still feel a lot of them just lack that oomph.
That said,

Big Daddy: Under that logic, every third party PlayStation character should have gotten their shot, especially ones who are better known than Big Daddy.

Cole and Drake: I still attest that they are bland characters from fantastic games. Yes, they're well known, but that doesn't take away from the fact they're a bore. The best choice to repair the situation would have been to add other characters from their games (Kessler, Sully, Elena) alongside them to brighten the roster.

Dante: He's lame. He gets lamer with each new video. The demo just came out, and it's a serious disaster. He runs around screaming obscenities. That's not cool. That's...childish.

Emmett Graves: Okay, here's another complaint. He's as generic as a character can get. He looks like he came out of Unreal Tournament.

Heihachi: I get it. He's Kazuya's old man, he throws people into volcanoes, he owns a corporation. He's a great character in his game, which is full of bland characters (Eddie Gordo, King, Yoshimitsu aside). Tekken is a powerhouse for its masterful fighting system, not its old man in a diaper. The story has always been kind of weak.

Kat: I just can't call her a star. She was an interesting choice, I'll give you that, but not enough to garner interest in the game.

Kratos: The only problem being that playing as him in a fighting game is boring now.

Nariko: Actually, you win on this one. That is just my opinion, but it definitely influences my decision. I just don't like her.

PaRappa: Agreed. I'm very glad he's in the game, overall.

Raiden: Perhaps he's a good choice, but not enough to sway any purchases. And like has been said before, Snake would be a more powerful choice.

Toro: Agreed. That's basically what I said, though. I know it helped in Japan, but being that (most of us) are in the west, the argument applies here.

They never "gave-up" Crash or Spyro. They just didn't own them. Though still, in the end, it's a bit senseless for a PS fan to just be focused on them while ignoring all of the other relevant characters.

Then that's their first problem. Crash was basically the mascot. They should have acquired the license.
I'm not ignoring the other characters, but not including a gigantic portion of many fans' childhoods is a HUGE sore spot.
Getting permission for Lara should have been little problem. Cross-promoting for an upcoming game is an easy sell.
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User Info: Flare1721

4 years ago#166
Im glad you know what every likes/knows. Go back to skool and lern to spell.
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