IGN: PlayStation All-Stars Sales "are Right on Target", Sony says

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User Info: aperfectorestes

4 years ago#161
blitz_0623 posted...
aperfectorestes posted...
I get a good laugh out of watching Lumie... nothing better to do than actively message board post about a game he claims to not like but has obviously played a lot of.

Lumie... it must suck that this is your life lol

Careful. Don't refer to his life, he's gonna mention how he makes 110k a year working 3x a week

Yet he still hangs out here lol

Let's say I believe that drivel... it only makes it more sad.

Money obvious doesn't buy happiness haha
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User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#162
LuminescentRule posted...
blitz_0623 posted...
LuminescentRule posted...
blitz_0623 posted...
rumbalumba posted...
oh and did you also forget to look at the #2 slot, which was Hitman Absolution, a game that came out the same day as All-Stars, but is sitting next to CoD?

Actually Hitman came out Nov 20 in EU, All-Stars came out Nov 23

The Family Guy game came on the 23rd. Charted ahead of PSASBR. A game no one even knew existed.

So? I wasn't pointing out All-Stars didn't flop or anything. I was just correcting rumba that All-Stars didn't come out the same day as Hitman. Why do you have to point this out?

Why are you so fixated in making a point that it flopped? Insecurity at its finest.

We agree that this game didn't flop? Good.

Elektra for UMvC 3 and Pac man for SSBWIIU

User Info: da1on2

4 years ago#163
rumbalumba posted...
da1on2 posted...
Of course all the slow people on this site think "OMG NOT #1 FLOP"

1. The game's chart ranking is a reflection of it's day one sales
2. This game is lower on the budget scale (it was made by a very small team not even owned by Sony)
3. The game was released right in the midst of the holiday season, right when most of the very large budget games drop.
4. The game was delay a month
5. The game was released days after a new console.

All these things and more determine sales expectations. It's not as simple as chart rank. Also chart rank doesn't determine profitability, which is a paradigm of a game's success.

1. still a flop. #38 in the UK charts is a flop, especially if it's day 1.
2. budget has nothing to do with it being a flop. games that had low budgets, both in production and in advertising, have done well. 100 people isn't that small of a team. Gran Turismo 5 was done by 140 people. The Last Guardian is being done by 40 people. budget and team size is irrelevant to it being a flop. Demon's Souls had even less advertising than All-Stars, yet it sold well.
3. this game has supposedly iconic characters, which is the redeeming factor against triple A games, alas it still failed. also, shouldn't the holiday season bring in more sales?
4. delay doesn't mean a thing. people from a month ago who were planning on picking this up day 1 most likely didn't change their opinion of the game a month after and decided to not purchase it.
5. then explain to me how Hitman, a game that came out the same day as All-Stars, was sitting at #2.

1. No.

2. Budget has everything to do with determining success. Revenue - Cost = Profit. Profit determines success. With that said, your examples couldn't have been worse.

First of all, polyphony has around 150 people on it's team where superbot only has around 50. That makes their team a third of the size. Secondly GT5 is the second most expensive game to have been developed in the history of all time. Both GT5 and TLG were in development for much longer than PSASBR. Therefore, these games need to sell a lot more to be profitable, whereas PSASBR doesn't. Yes Demon's Souls was an unexpected success, but that doesn't somehow make other games less successful. Again success is all about profits.

3. No, because games with bigger marketing budgets overshadow it.

4. You're assuming that every person that buys a game follows it from the day it gets announced and posts on message boards about it. Simply not true. Anyway delays affect marketing plans and expected competition so of course it affects projections.

5. Because it's an established IP and a sequel with a much higher marketing budget and is in a genre with a significantly higher commercial appeal, as well as being a multiplatform game.
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#164
Hey guys the chart is for TWO days, not one. GOSH what a bunch of FANBOIZ
Help me Squirtle, dont just stand there...Im freaking dying
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