IGN's 20 DLC characters they'd Love to see

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User Info: ChocoboDreams

4 years ago#81
Kaydos25 posted...
Zen_Zarab posted...
Knowledge_King posted...
ChocoboDreams posted...
Knowledge_King posted...
This was the worst list I've ever seen. Not only did I not know pretty much anyone on the list, but they didn't even bother to include actual All-stars or people that would play well in the game. WTF?

If you don't know who Toan, Alundra, or various other characters from that list are, then that's more eluding to your (lack of) experience with video games than it is a poor list of characters.

Nah, I play plenty of games, a wide variety, and have been for over 14 years. It speaks more of the characters. Of that I'm definite.

I guess you weren't a Playstation Guy from the start. Since All but 1 are familiar to me. Alundra is te only one I don't ATM recall. Which is why I made my list of all Sony owned IPs.

Technically that was Flint from Alundra 2.

Here is the proper Alundra: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/9b/Alundra.jpg/252px-Alundra.jpg

I thought he looked unfamiliar...If he's the Alundra 2 character, then he's from one of the worst games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. It doesn't even deserve to be called Alundra 2. :/
I just want Card Sagas Wars. Seriously, I'd do anything, just give me Card Sagas Wars. Please.

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#82
Good list, though there were a couple that I didn't know and it did lack a War of the Monsters character.
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User Info: darkcloudrepeat

4 years ago#83
Now that I think about it...

Nevin from Alter Echo would fit really well in this game.
His square attacks could be his sword form moves.
His triangle attacks could be his gun form moves.
His circle attacks could be his stealth form moves.
His grabs could change depending on the direction the right stick is flicked:
Right/Left could be sword forms grab and throw move.
Up could be gun forms grab and shoot move.
Down could be stealth forms pounce and pummel move.

His supers could revolve around that timelock ability he had in Alter Echo and his companions Arana and Stome.

Yuri, Alice Or Karin from Shadow Hearts would also be amazing.
Yuri would use the power of his fusions. His supers would allow him to use stronger fusions for a short period of time.
His level 1 super could allow him to do ONE level 3 version of a fusion move (sqaure, triangle, circle) that will kill anyone it hits.
Amon could be level 2 and level 3 would of course be Seraphic Radiance.

Alice would rely on ranged magic's, I'd imagine her to use healing spells that would generate AP for herself and (i dare say) her teamates.

Karin would be the opposite.
She'd go in close with her sword and use sword arts or crests for mid-range attacks.

User Info: xKazerux

4 years ago#84
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