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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#11
Nath1343 posted...
Retroxgamer0 posted...
no evil cole is stronger overall. cole is a low tier character. his level 1 isnt very good and its hard to catch multiple people in his level 2. catching people in a freeze into a level 1 with cole is one of the hardest level 1s to pull off in the game believe it or not.

I agree that his Level 1 sucks but I reckon his Level 2 is up there with the best.

that too, i find that its easier to jump in their face and activate it with evil cole , than it is to predict when multiple people will land at the same time with good cole. overall i just cant find good cole useful, he seems like a downgraded evil cole and i cant go back. i already have access to his drop move, his projectiles are better and explode, everythings just better imo. maybe someone can find a better lvl1 combo with good cole, id love to hear it. i tried the aerial down square into freeze into lvl1 that works but its difficult. as for now im just going to keep feeling hes a weak character until someone can find some killer combos or something he can do much better than his counterpart.

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