Thoughts on Ratchet & Clank's level 2?

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User Info: Terotrous

5 years ago#11
It's decent. RYNO is better value if you can get setups for it, but sometimes you can't and it's nice to have another option. This also lets you be less obvious in 1v1. - Watch me beat "GEN Alien Soldier" - My backloggery

User Info: diabolical

5 years ago#12
I like his level 2 only because of the ability to control Clank. Almost makes me wish he was his own character.

User Info: Joshelplex

5 years ago#13
He probably should be, given all his abilities and weapons/
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

5 years ago#14
it's pretty good but two level ones will probably get you more kills then one level two.

User Info: MajesticFerret

5 years ago#15
I find that if you're in the zone and are earning AP and kicking ass and the lv. 1 just isn't there, you're better off doing what you're doing than stop gaining AP and trying to force the lv. 1. This applies to a lv. 2 as well unless you're lv. 3 is geniunely worse than your lv. 2 or you're running out of time.

This even applies with Sly and Raiden. The only exception is probably Sweet Tooth because his lv.2 is unusable ass.
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User Info: AndKevinBacon

5 years ago#16
That's weird. This was bumped and then all of a sudden every Ratchet I fought today focused on their level 2. I rarely saw people even use it before.

User Info: DirtyToenails

5 years ago#17
I like it, but don't use it on big stages.

User Info: Thunder_Armor

5 years ago#18
I'm not very good with it. I usually stick with his level 1.

User Info: CyborgTwenty

5 years ago#19
it's very good good.

User Info: thebestestbest

5 years ago#20
It's a pretty bad super. It's nearly impossible to hit people if you don't activate it right next to them.
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  3. Thoughts on Ratchet & Clank's level 2?

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