Evil Cole level 1 bug?

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User Info: Trivio

5 years ago#1
Sometimes when i do my level 1 succesfully (as in the character im about to throw is laying in the air getting nearly thrown) they just suddenly drop on the ground flickering white...
This cost me some losses eventhough i wouldve won =/
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User Info: NewVirtue

5 years ago#2
if had this happen where i was the victim of the super. i think its a lag glitch where one game registers a successful super while the other registers a successful roll or air dodge.

I've had something similar happen quite often where i see myself perform a proper grab then half way through the grab animation im suddenly dead and their finishing their super.

User Info: SorrowsFlame

5 years ago#3
This happens with Good Cole SOOOOOOOO often after using the Ice Grenade forward+circle...they'll be in the super animation and then suddenly air dodge at the end of the lifting part. Pretty sure it isn't lag as it happens way too often.

Lost so many kills because of it and it really needs to be fixed -.-
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