Who actually enjoys this game?

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User Info: Charactdurr

5 years ago#21
Sorry I can't post on how I'm enjoying the game,

I'm too busy playing and loving the game.
PSN: MarkoKri

User Info: MrTaco

5 years ago#22
I enjoy it, I love it! Awesome game, way better than I expected, and I expected it to be great! Very pleased with what SuperBot accomplished.

User Info: Ghostscore

5 years ago#23
I'm enjoying it.
Bought it yesterday very impulsively, and have not regret it.
I do suck at it though, but i'll just have to practice more :)
PSN: Heartwire

User Info: lucapit

5 years ago#24
I enjoy it..i just wish there were more characters to choose from...im tired of seeing and using the same people....
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User Info: Slapindabass

5 years ago#25
I love it.

User Info: christiankid7

5 years ago#26
Got to play this game for an hour yesterday...I need to get this game now. I'm hooked. Too bad i don't have the money right now :(
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User Info: Ghostscore

5 years ago#27
Just too many people playing kratos if you ask me, i have had 10 matches with atleast 1 Kratos in it.
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User Info: Fox0r

5 years ago#28
This game is amazing. Have played like 4 hours a night the entire week since it was released. GOTY on PS3. Maybe best game of the gen on PS3.
PSN ID: FoxdizzzL

User Info: tomster220

5 years ago#29
Stayed up all night playing it with my buds.
PSN : mashireaper

User Info: Dark7Knights1

5 years ago#30
I like the game, if played with friends. Don't touch that game otherwise. Single player is boring.
Makes sense to me...
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  3. Who actually enjoys this game?

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