Your main and his/her level

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User Info: SoulRegalia

5 years ago#21
I prefer Nariko for the most part but my highest level Is Heihachi @ 311
If it defecates, urinates, or rudely barks orders, I have no issues with crushing its skull.-Shale

User Info: hajile12

5 years ago#22
Jakl lvl 800+
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User Info: Ingoro

5 years ago#23
Fat Princess - 540
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SSBB: 2578-3315-7597

User Info: brickwalker0

5 years ago#24
Big Daddy 310
PSN - brickwalker0

User Info: C01DB100D3D

5 years ago#25
I've only played for about 3 hours but I got to about 120 with Ratchet.
I have not decided on a secondary.
The lines between friend and foe blur when we are looking at people we know- Commander Shepard
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User Info: giantqtipz

5 years ago#26
sir daniel 423

User Info: ArcaneSpiezer

5 years ago#27
Toro 300ish

User Info: Rolling_Stoned

5 years ago#28
Sly almost 300
PSN: Soapy_Stowned

User Info: Staticnova

5 years ago#29
Drake. In the 400s somewhere.
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