Cole 135 AP combo

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User Info: kkTheKiller42

4 years ago#1
down [], forward O,down O, down O, (jump) air forward [], air forward O, (land), (jump) air forward [], air neutral [] [].

even though the amp drop is impractical, it still builds about 85-90 ap if you just start with the freeze move.

And this doesn't work in the corner because Cole moves forward with each down O.

Also the timing on this is only strict between the first forward O and the first down O.

User Info: kkTheKiller42

4 years ago#2
I also found a 140 AP combo just now involving a third down O.

down [], forward O,down O, down O, down O,(jump) air forward [], air neutral [] []

all the down O must be done one right after the other.

User Info: kkTheKiller42

4 years ago#3

No Good Cole love :(

And it seems people only respond to troll topics.

User Info: PielordX

4 years ago#4
Good thing I just started using Good Cole, you wouldn't believe how mad you make projectile spammers with him.
If there were more people like me the world would be a better place. That's just a fact. -Compass

User Info: LaKizzle23

4 years ago#5
[], [], [] (crumple), down [], side [] (grind), [], (jump) side [], [], [],

Activates AP burst and I think its an automatic level 1 super. Forgot how much ap it builds but eh. The obvious downside is the crumple needed at the end of the first square combo. Since Cole's square combo always has a random ending to it, a bit of luck is required to land this one.
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User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#6
Cool, I didn't know you could do v() into itself repeatedly.

Here's another 135 AP Good Cole combo that does work in the corner:

(air) v[], >(), >[], [], (jump) >[], v(), (jump again) [], []

Still requires amp drop or the stun variant of [], [], [] to land it, though. - Watch me beat "GEN Alien Soldier" - My backloggery

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