Radec, worst character in the game?

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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#11
^jump and f2 to get 'em off you
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User Info: MajesticFerret

4 years ago#12
1v1, Radec does indeed suck.

2v2? Nonsense. Sniper spam is even MORE annoying when you have a good character covering you. KratosxRadec is still one of the hardest to fight character combinations IMO.

In fact, I'd say Radec flourishes more in 2v2 than FFA seeing as a LOT of stages are too multi-elevated for the sniper to work that well.

What do you do when someone gets in your face? If they approach you horizontally, sticky grenade/machine gun fire, if they approach you in the air, upward stun lazer into jumping shotgun to knock them away. If they are truly completely in your face, turtle, try to forward square, square them, or turtle/grab them.

He doesn't have as many keep away tools as Sackboy, but in 2v2 especially, his sniper makes up for it.
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User Info: blaze19_0X

4 years ago#13
Radec is actually a beast in 1 on 1.

He has the most aimable level 1 super in the game as it can hit anywhere on screen and can even be shot into the air. Most level 1s you can just completely avoid by air camping so this is extremely useful. Not to mention you can delay it.

His close range game and zoning game is pretty legit as well.

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#14
radec is a beast in any match that is more than 1v1, i think big daddy might be the weakest.
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