What are Kratos and Raiden's "broken" moves?

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  3. What are Kratos and Raiden's "broken" moves?

User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#1
Are there any in particular? Or are they just easy to use and well-known characters? I tried Kratos for the first time and did notice that he practically combos by accident (one of my favorite moves is his up-square where he automatically jumps as follow-up), and of course forward-square is good (the homing is nice, but not unfair IMO). Raiden I've played and while I despise the ease of his Level 1, I didn't find any of his actual moves to be broken. The incredibly fast electric dash was probably the most annoying.

Just wondering what others consider to be the hard parts about fighting these guys. I think they're pretty good, and while I hate losing to them, I don't think there's anything in particular that's a big problem with them...

EDIT: I think I see the problem with Kratos - the AP gain is ASTRONOMICAL.
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User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#2
Follow-up question: Does anybody else think that Kratos' Forward Triangle (Mash) move makes a REALLY goofy sound effect?
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User Info: LanceDrake

4 years ago#3
About the homing on the chain grab, not only is it crap that he can use one imput for many situations, it's the fact that he has THREE OTHER MOVES that go diagonally up. Did he REALLY need homing on his chains if he already had the options to punish those in the air?

Oh, and the moves are:

Up Square, his launcher
Up Triangle, his cestus
Up Circle, his Icarus Wings.

But we'd rather just have Kratos just stick to square, right? -.-
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User Info: FaustianLogix

4 years ago#4
Try that his (Kratos) 111 is super hard to punish since it is relatively safe on block and he can switch directions mid chain if you decide to roll through him. Add to the fact that 111 also rips through most projectiles and traps and you have a character that you can barely approach from the front.

Unless I'm missing something or online lag was killing me anyway.
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User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#5
Kratos' entire square moveset. There's almost no lag or cool down time after using one of the square attacks, and can be spammed. Though they're highly punishable on block.

I hardly ever see anyone use any moves other than Raiden's square moves and the dash. Not as annoying as Kratos but it can add up after a while. >___>
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User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#6
Regarding Kratos: Oh geeze, I JUST now noticed that he can change directions mid-Square combo... that's crazy.

Can you guys explain to me the allure of his Icarus Wings? Just curious.
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User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#7
Raiden has a very easy 140 ap combo and then can combo into his level 1 with a counter or forward square for an easy kill. In 1v1 you could repeat that over and over. He is very very easy to play.

I play Toro as my main but he's so difficult to use. If I feel like steamrolling without putting any effort in I will play a few games as Raiden.

The combo I use is forward square, down circle, up square, jump, square spam.

His down grab also guarantees a 30ap loss for the opponent. You can stop them ever getting a level 1 if you're good.
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User Info: BMSirius

4 years ago#8
Thanks for the combo Web. I wouldn't mind if anyone was willing to share the most usable/common Kratos combo as well (I don't plan on using him, but would like to know what to expect).

For some reason I was under the impression that all grabs did the same amount of damage, but in retrospect, it should've been obvious that's not true.
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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#9
Raiden's lv2 super is nearly as good as a lv3.

After the initial aoe stun, you can run around the map pressing O for more aoe stuns.

And you have the OHKO bs too.
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User Info: NewVirtue

4 years ago#10
the only thing i think is a little sketchy about raiden is his grab. he can use it to combo into a super, and he can use it to start his 100+ ap combos. i can see how his dash attack can be anoying but its most definitely punishable. infact some times it leaves him open to supers.

kratos forward square on the other hand is unjustifiable for 2 reasons. the tracking on it is stupid. its the only forward square that can connect vertically. why vertically? he has 3 other moves to punish that direction theres really no excuse for it. making it horizontal only wouldnt nerf him at all. the other problem with this move is the priority. it takes priority over almost every other attack. at the very least it should trade blows when 2 ppl attack not take precedent. if either one of these reasons were gone then the move would no longer be broken. there are actually more reasons i think this move is unfair, but these are the 2 reasons that make the move broken.
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