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User Info: co1onel

4 years ago#11
PSN: Co1onel-225

User Info: Shinryu

4 years ago#12

Toro Combat Trials

General Combat Trials

Combo Tutorials

I use an AverMedia HD DVR board with AmarecTV; able to record lossless 720p 60fps over HDMI (Even on sources that require HDCP like PS3 thanks to a driver oversight), but the lossless part requires a good PC/HDD setup; I easily go through 3~5GB a minute, but I can't stand having compression artifacts in my source videos...
XBL/PSN: ShinryuReishiki ----

User Info: DEVILIX

4 years ago#13
damn toro seems so fun, will have to try him now lol
PSN : xLycan_Lunaticx

User Info: dabuz

4 years ago#14
Evil Cole combo video with grab setup into L1:
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psn: dabuz18

User Info: DEVILIX

4 years ago#15
Didn't know evil cole was that op with combos

another ranked macth
PSN : xLycan_Lunaticx

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