There is one thing that REALLY bothers me about this game....

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  3. There is one thing that REALLY bothers me about this game....

User Info: Lanoitakude

4 years ago#31
toomanymouths posted...
How do you define depth? I don't understand how adding some aerial supers would not add depth to the game.

Ahhh, we're getting into some really advanced aspects of game design here. Let me talk about some other games to maybe better clarify the difference between Complexity and Depth.

Let's look at two wildly popular board games: Chess and Go.

Chess is more Complex than Go, but Go has significantly more Depth. It takes only a few minutes to understand how to play Go. It takes a lifetime to fully grasp the strategy and depth. The rules of Chess take a bit longer to learn; there are more nuts and bolts, more exceptions and special circumstances to learn. Chess is a very deep game, but not to the degree of Go.

Moving on;

In games, players often want MORE choices. But more choices does not actually increase the Depth of gameplay. Deep gameplay comes from being restricted in your options, in having to make hard choices, not necessarily more choices.

Adding Aerial options to Supers increases the amount of choices the players have, but it is not apparent to me that these choices would actually increase the depth of the strategy involving Supers.

Right now, Supers are very limited in their use and application. So the playerbase works hard to figure out ways to set them up, to link to them, and to combo to them. The limited functionality of the supers forces the players to use them only at the right time and under the right circumstances. This is deep gameplay.

(I am a board game and pen/paper rpg designer, which is how I learned the above)

Hopefully that helps!
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User Info: toomanymouths

4 years ago#32
So by your definition, it would seem that complexity and depth are always inversely related.

Of course, this couldn't be the case, or else Hello Kitty: Island Adventures would be the more complex game on earth.

Is it not possible for aerial supers to be implemented in such a way that players are still forced to link new and different combos and use all of the tools they've been given to come away with a victory?
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  3. There is one thing that REALLY bothers me about this game....

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