Why is there less STUFF than Melee/Brawl?

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User Info: Habefiet

5 years ago#1

Love Melee, hate Brawl, SSB64 is aight, haven't played enough PSASBR to decide what I think of the gameplay in this one. In comparing the game to Smash, I'm a little confused about one thing:

Why is there so much less stuff?

Melee came out eleven years ago. There are 25 separate characters and 29 stages. There are over 30 items, there's time and stock mode (and you can set a time limit for stock mode) and also weird modes like coin mode / bonus mode / stamina mode, additional stuff like modes where everyone is giant/tiny or invisible or the game is in slow motion and crazy crap like that (and obviously you can do FFAs and doubles and 1 v 1 v 2 and 1 v 1's and whatever). All the items can be individually turned on and off, and the frequency of appearance of items overall can be altered. Oh and you can also change whether or not a given stage can come up on the random select. There's a "Classic" mode akin to the campaign mode in this game, there's an "Adventure" featuring some platforming elements along with some fights, there's an "All-Star" mode where you have to fight everyone, there's an event mode with special challenges, there's side crap like break the targets and home run contest, there's stuff where you have to fight hordes generic faceless foes under specific conditions, there's tons of collectibles in the forms of trophies and specific in-game bonuses, on and on.

Brawl came out a few years back and has even more of all of that. More characters, more stages, more customization of gameplay (you can alter the gravity, for example, or combine some of the modes that couldn't be combined previously so you can theoretically have a giant high-gravity slow-mo game), an expanded Adventure mode, even more collectibles with the addition of stickers and way the heck more trophies, blah-dee-blah. They even expanded the soundtrack. All but one or two of the stages have half a dozen songs or more, and you can set how often they will play, so you can have the stage only play your favorite song or play something different each time you play the stage and so on.

(side note: I've heard some people argue that Smash characters are all drawn from the same couple core franchises and that PSASBR makes up for the lack of characters by representing way more franchises total. This isn't really true. Brawl represents almost twenty unique franchises--there ARE a lot of Pokemon characters, for example, but there are also lots of characters who are the only representatives of their franchises, such as the Ice Climbers, Olimar, and Snake--who isn't in this game for some reason btw, what's the deal there)

Now not all of that is that great. Ex. coin mode is terrible and I have never met anyone that genuinely enjoys playing it. And PSASBR does have SOME of this, and a few unique things (one thing that it does better, in my opinion, is that you can turn off stage hazards, a feature sorely lacking in Smash games). But it seems to me like they didn't include nearly as much stuff as even the second Smash game did eleven years ago at the launch of the Gamecube. They could have had more characters and stages, they could have had more gameplay options, they could have put a little more into the single player options, etc., and altogether the package just seems lacking when stacked up compared to the one franchise that this game is competing with.

I'm not trying to trash on the game. I'm just interested in gathering some opinions here. Are you satisfied with the amount of content with this game or does it seem lacking to you as well?

tl;dr: Brawl and even Melee have way more content than this game. Are you satisfied with the amount of content in PSASBR or do you feel the devs dropped the ball? Why do you think there's less content in this game than in a Smash game? Or do you think I'm wrong for some reason (if so, please explain)?

User Info: Crabhammar

5 years ago#2
I know you have good intentions, but this thread can only lead to rage. You should close it now.

/topic (if the TC would actually listen to me)
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User Info: NewMoonShadow

5 years ago#3
Because sequels always have more content than first-versions of a franchise, since they can draw so many resources from the original. Melee and Brawl were both sequels. This game is not.


User Info: Habefiet

5 years ago#4
Crabhammar posted...
I know you have good intentions, but this thread can only lead to rage. You should close it now.

/topic (if the TC would actually listen to me)

I am aware of the risks, but choose to hope for intelligent discussion.

If we get 15-20 posts in and no one's said anything other than fanboyism or rage for one side or the other, and I'm online, I will most certainly close it.

User Info: christiankid7

5 years ago#5
They have less stuff because

Its the first game with a new system
They had to ask for each and every thing in this game.
Everything in this game had to be checked for balance
Konami wouldn't give us snake
3rd paties did not want to be in this game
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User Info: DirtyToenails

5 years ago#6
Because in Melee, there were two Cpt Falcons, three Marios, two Foxes, two Links...

In PSABR, we have 20 characters that play nothing alike.

User Info: The_Shadow_Link

5 years ago#7
Budget I assume. Brawl was a garunteed System Seller that would make a lot, so they gave it a huge budget. This game Sony didn't know how it would turn out, so they gave it a moderate budget.
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User Info: ManuKesna

5 years ago#8
How do you expect us to know? All we can do es speculate which would be pointless
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User Info: legendofskyland

5 years ago#9
Once again, this is a brand new game so they had to spend their time building characters, move sets, balancing, graphic style, and gameplay from the ground up. It's best to focus on if the game even works before moving on to "Let's have a mode about beating a sandbag"

User Info: lol_what

5 years ago#10
In PSABR, we have 20 characters that play nothing alike.

two coles

anyway the reason is that superbot are poor and the people that own all of these characters are big jerks
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