After playing quickplay for many hours...

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User Info: sultonpeace

4 years ago#1
So on this board I see a TON of complaining. People complain about SuperBot...
Honestly if you don't like the product, you don't have to play. Me however, as a die hard smashbro's player, I have learned to love this game. In no way is the game mechanics like smashbros. The way to win is COMPLETELY different, and I feel that smashbros moves require more skill and speed compared to this game. However I enjoy playing this game very much because of it's online gameplay.

In quickplay I usually choose Raiden for the simple fact that he is awesome, quick, has decent level 1, and good level 2 and 3.
As a Raiden player I hate playing the girl kratos(Nariko), Sackboys in 2v2 are super annoying... All they do is use their electric shock device, stand inrner of map and spam stupid projectiles until level 3 where they are most likely guaranteed 4 kills.
I don't get annoyed at playing kratos's anymore for the simple fact that they all play the same way and I have learned how to deal with them.
Even though I may sound like I am complaining I still love this game.

Take for instance super smash bros melee.... If that had an online feature all you would see are Falco's Fox's Shieks and Jigglypuff's.
For Brawl all you see is Meta Knight's. LOL.

But to be honest playing online on PSASBR I see many people who are very good with different characters such as Nariko, Sly, Heihachi, and I've seen plenty of good Nathan Drakes, Dante's, and even Sweettooth's.

I can beat most Raiden's I play against simply because they all have the same play style... (Dash to you, spam square attacks.... repeat.

It's all about being good with your counters.

Anyways this is just my random thoughts on gameplay.

User Info: Milkydragon102

4 years ago#2
Parry + Level 1 makes all my days in Ponyland happy and bright.

User Info: 9Mil

4 years ago#3
I stopped reading when you said you usually choose raiden.
A Ri0T DPS/TROLL 89cr 109sp 753Prec 1304Vit
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  3. After playing quickplay for many hours...

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