You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

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  3. You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#11
Affection, though I've grown to appreciate Jak and Ratchet gameplay-wise as well.
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User Info: LaybackJo

4 years ago#12
I main Spike for both.
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User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#13
Mostly affection.

Although I've been playing Raiden all day, mostly for gameplay, partly for potential affection.

Watched a bunch of MGR gameplay yesterday, suddenly interested in Raiden. Read somewhere there's gonna be a demo on the 13th, can't wait.
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User Info: BlackFeathers

4 years ago#14
Sackboy because he's unique and I'm a LBPhead. :)
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User Info: IHeartJessAlba

4 years ago#15
As with any fighter, I gravitate to characters I "like" first, but I tend to stick with whomever I'm good with, or have a comfortable time with.

If its a series, I tend to start out with my best character from the last game, and move around a big to find a good fit. Sometimes, I'll main someone new for a while, but I tend to go back to whatever I'm really good at, and that usually tends to be a long-running character.

In a new game like this, I'll probably wind up maining the random button until something really clicks. Sly is my closest to a main so far, though.
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User Info: GameplayZero

4 years ago#16
Nik_Nack posted...
Big Daddy for both reasons.

You mean Mr. Bubbles. Who I like because of affection and he is the most interesting character of the game.

User Info: phil_hendrie

4 years ago#17
I main Big Daddy because of the Nostalgia he brings me from a game I enjoyed throughout, hes a scary BAMF, and I love that hes one of the biggest underdogs, if not tied with Fat Princess.
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#18
Drake and Sweet Tooth for both reasons.
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User Info: waspennator

4 years ago#19
I main my characters half out of affection and half out of if they will suit my gameplay style. Heihachi fits into my theory pretty well.

User Info: Ktimleck

4 years ago#20
E. Cole, and soon to be Kat, for both.
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  3. You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

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