You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

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  3. You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

User Info: TUSMEnterprises

4 years ago#21
Affection. I loved playing R&C on the PS2, and I said when the game was first announced if Ratchet was in, I'm maining him.
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User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#22
Radec because he was BA in Killzone 2

Raiden is straight up CUHRAYZE

I'd use Dante but I hate that version so I don't use him
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User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#23
I like Radec because of Gameplay, Like Nariko because of her character.
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User Info: FreshaSaurusRex

4 years ago#24
Mostly gameplay, I switch it up a couple matches in and try to see who I like playing as but I mostly just like playing as Raiden.
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User Info: Parukia256

4 years ago#25
Raiden. Affection.

Love like winter.

User Info: xXStNerevarXx

4 years ago#26
Both. I main Sly. He's not perfect, but he's easy to use hard to be excellent with. His lack of block and roll sucks, and the invisibility is easy to see through some times, but I like the way he plays.
I also like the first couple Sly games.
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User Info: Thunder_Armor

4 years ago#27
I tried Ratchet early because I love the R&C series, and I kept using him because I was winning matches. So I guess it's a little of both.

User Info: SpacePirateKhan

4 years ago#28
I use Sackboy a lot because I friggin love LittleBigPlanet. :D
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User Info: An_Ethiopian

4 years ago#29
Nathan Drake for gameplay. I hate the uncharted series. Too cinematicky for me.
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User Info: DanteTheBest

4 years ago#30
Soo, you're basically saying that people who use characters who's style they like are metagame whores?? You really sound like your saying you should only use characters that you like because of the character, not the way they play in this game, otherwise your a f**got. To be honest, I only KNEW like 3 characters in this game (my brother bought the game, btw) and I started liking characters because of how they PLAYED, the way you SHOULD pick a character. If you don't like a characters move set, you shouldn't use him, and if your such a fanboy of a certain character that you feel obligated to use them even if you hate the way they're played, than why not just go play the game they're from instead?
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  3. You main your character because of "gameplay" or "affection"?

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