Emmett Mainers over here!

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User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#11
trollhunter2 posted...
TheExiled280 posted...
Who would win, Jedi Charizard or Jedi Jigglypuff?
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User Info: Thunder097

4 years ago#12
Joey2cool posted...
ya son dat emmett my boi rite der he got all dem guns n **** he be like weezy like ghetto blasta naw mean like sucka he aint nobodys ***** he be smashin on dat kat shawty like chik look at dis i got da package u need rite here

Ahhh I know this language.. Ayo I feel ya my manz like real s*** man he be like pow pow he be getting them bread cuz real s***.
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User Info: BackwardCap

4 years ago#13
I'm worried that his level 1 might be OP since it turns a shot from his guns into a 1 hit ko.

User Info: WSPro17

4 years ago#14
BackwardCap posted...
I prefer to be referred to as "African American".

I don't. I am not from Africa and none of my ancestors are. I am fine with Black, American or even Black American.

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