Who should be the PSP rep?

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User Info: taoxadasa

5 years ago#11
I voted for Patapon's Uberhero, but could Gabe Logan be considered a PSP rep?

Sure he started out on PS1 but got successfully revived on PSP for a few games.
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User Info: tacomangsx

5 years ago#12
sinncross posted...
Why do people have a hard time reading first party characters...

Why do people have to write the same thing over and over again in each topic? Everyone reads it correctly, just nobody gives a crap & wants characters to their liking.
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User Info: sinncross

5 years ago#13
TheExiled280 posted...
Soul Sacrifice is a VITA game.




lol oh man how did that slip me


closing thread.
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User Info: AndKevinBacon

5 years ago#14
Patapon or Jeanne.
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User Info: ashtonwise

5 years ago#15
Jeanne. If there's one thing this game needs, its more people who use swords!

User Info: rammtay

5 years ago#16
Megaman powered up

User Info: rumbalumba

5 years ago#17
Denam from Tactics Ogre.

Zack Fair from Crisis Core.

User Info: Valefor500

5 years ago#18
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale - Free DLC characters!

User Info: any14coffee

5 years ago#19
Uberhero or Jeanne.
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User Info: pipo_snake_jc3

5 years ago#20
Either Zack from Crisis Core or a monster hunter from the Monster Hunter series. Yeah, I know it's on the Wii and 3DS, but I'm all out of fricks to give.
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