Best taunt in the game?

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User Info: rahmed51387

4 years ago#21
Tie between FP's neener dance and Heihachi's eating noodles.
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User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#22
I_Wanna_Cookie posted...
Sweet Tooth dancing and laughing.

Reminds me of a half assed joker taunt from MKvDCU.

User Info: ssbmrocks

4 years ago#23
Toro ducking is better than any of the above combined.
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User Info: Leagult

4 years ago#24
Spike's "you'll never win!" at the start of a match or after his throw.

User Info: ahoythere4

4 years ago#25
The best and most widely used taunt is constantly pressing and releasing down so that your character keeps squatting over and over. It's great when you get a triple kill in FFA, and even better when two teammates do it after a double kill in 2v2.

I remember one time in a quickmatch 2v2, my teammate was eliminated and I had one stock left, and while the other guys were waiting for me to respawn, they were doing the squat taunt, and after I respawned, I joined it. The three of us did that for like 2 minutes before bringing the match to a close. It was great.

User Info: Masengan

4 years ago#26
Daxter's "That's right! We bad!". I also like Spikes "I'm still better than you!" and Drake's "You look like hell!".
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User Info: Hawkeye_4_mvsc3

4 years ago#27
Leagult posted...
Spike's "you'll never win!" Skullgirls~!
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User Info: webbc99

4 years ago#28
Any of Toro's.
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User Info: OrcGoblin

4 years ago#29
Heihachi eating

User Info: DrunkenMegaman

4 years ago#30
Haven't gotten the game yet, but so far, my favorite is Radec hailing Hitler. (I think it's funny)
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