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User Info: GameplayZero

4 years ago#41
Let me make this easy:


Ratchet wins.

User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#42
IcyFlamez96 posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
IcyFlamez96 posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
Like I said Jak is better overall. Talking about ships.. when Jak has his own to lol along with 8 Cars and Powers. Just those aspects would beat Ratchet.

Some ppl got some homework to do :)

He can't drive all 8 cars at once lol. Are your trying to say any one of Jak's cars could even stand a chance against Ratchet's ship? The ship has Shields for days and a space nuke brah...

I'm telling you, without the time altering powers Jak has, Ratchet would win.

No he's not. Ships shouldn't have been added anyway even though Jak has one as well. Without Ratchet guns he sucks. I actually had Ratchet fanboys to confirm this to me..

Well obviously he can't do anything without his guns. We aren't taking about that though. I'm just saying that Ratchet would beat Jak without time stuff. Obviously if someone can freeze time then they'd pretty much get the auto win.

Aren't Jak's powers limited? He needs to collect dark/light eco to use his powers right?

No he doesn't need to collect eco to use them all the time Its just a faster process to regain it after use. Don't get me started on Ratchets limitations. Like his armor and everything else :)

Ratchet has more limitations then Jak so don't bring that here lol.

Btw I saw that Thread about me on Forums... Once again ppl lie their @sses off. Everybody said that I sucked lied.

Ginta is a Sackboy spamming player.

Organization13 is a spamming running away using sniper all day spamming Ratchet player. He beats me one time and posts it on the forums like I did bad. Nobody can win every game they play. Need to get over himself.

Forgot about the other 2 players. Im not rank 999 for nothing along with on the top 100 on the leaderboard. Its all good you know why because I took over 20 photos as proof :)
"Dax... the Dark Eco... it feels far away. I feel better!" ~Jak

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