Stuff that happens ingame that makes you lol

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User Info: toad133

4 years ago#41
This didn't happen to me, but a friend of mine.

One time online with voice chat. LBP stage, quiz moment, the question is "What genre of game is Medievil?"

There's this guy who won't shut up (he's the only one talking; there's three of us) and he picks the wrong answer. The game is a platformer, jsyk. His line was golden;

"What?! It's not a platformer! It's a three-dimensional game!"

I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes.
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Started: 16th of August 2008 13:27pm.

User Info: J-Don-Bonne

4 years ago#42
Dannibiss posted...
That moment when you get a triple in FFA then taunt, and everyone starts attacking you.


Lv2 "I'm still better than you." Bananas, Teleports, Super Hoops, Radar, etc then another Lv2... "I'm still better than you!"
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User Info: Zidaneski

4 years ago#43
Nariko glitch where when you activate lvl3 you don't transform and instead your AP goes down to nothing...

Activating Narikos lvl 2 and turning around to shoot someone that tries to backstab super you.

User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#44
flame030191 posted...
ssupermario92 posted...
flame030191 posted...
Sonic Adventure 2 = the last GOOD Sonic game.

i disagree, Colors, Generations, and both Episode 1+2 were very good.

Unleashed too if it weren't for the damn night levels -_-

Colors and Generations are only good compared to '06 and Unleashed. They stand no ground on pre-HD Sonic. Way too much automated sequences in areas that didn't need it, down to the springs automatically taking you the direction of the goal. A good game would give you the freedom to explore, especially in Sonic where they hide easter eggs and secrets in secluded areas.

I haven't yet played 4: Episode 2 outside of the demo, but all 4: Episode 1 boiled down to was ruining the classic stages. All the stages and boss fights were pulled directly from Genesis games, revised to HD, then added the new Sonic gimmicks to take out the freedom and lower the difficulty. So in my eyes, the only thing they succeeded on with it is the fact that Sonic's best days were in 2D era. Sadly, the game wasn't a sequel, nor did it stand anywhere near as good as it should've.

Facts of one whos never played the game, and thinks he knows what he's talking about.....Gfaqs, "sigh"
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User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#45
I was destroying as Spike one match then this guy with the username ieatbabies (or something like that) was yelling over the mic "Oh hell no, we're getting our asses kicked by ****in' YuGiOh kid!" | |
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