I don't count Radec's sniping as spamming...

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  3. I don't count Radec's sniping as spamming...

User Info: ChiefCole

4 years ago#11
There's nothing wrong with spamming.

User Info: LockeDaemonfire

4 years ago#12
It's just spamming when he keeps doing it when you're coming in close, or right next to him. Some keep sniping when you're right behind him... but I think that happened more in the beta.

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#13
ChiefCole posted...
There's nothing wrong with spamming.

This. If he keeps using it, jump over there and punish.
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User Info: Darknessbeast10

4 years ago#14
Look, It's literally his best tool that net's 30 AP. If you use it, fine. The thing is, it's not that good when you can just counter/jump/punish.....only good on flat stages and when people are in groups. You can combo it from FWD + [] but it doesn't always due to the terrain of some stages, that and Fwd +[] isn't exactly the easiest move to hit with.
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User Info: 2DFighter84

4 years ago#15
Myles98 posted...
It depends how you use it.
If you sit at the edge of the stage ALL MATCH doing it, even when the enemy is not in the line of fire, then I'd call that spamming.
If you get knocked away or something and use the sniper once or twice to get back into the action then fair enough.

why would Radec wanna "get back into the action"? to make it easier for Kratos and Raiden to gain easy meter off of him? Radec is a range character. his whole playstyle revolves around getting out of the mix, staying out of the mix, and gaining meter from a distance. his best meter gaining tool from a distance is his sniper shot. call it spamming if you want, but thats his game.
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User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#16
its not....people are just salty....

kratos [] [] [] spamming?

is raidens [] [] [] spamming?

the sniper is to be feared....yet it has plenty of weaknesses...

and Radec has some wasys to go to gain his level 2 and 3 so the much needed full screen 30 AP is a must...his other attacks arent THAT great for AP Gain...
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User Info: NinjaCronoX

4 years ago#17
It's his best move to build meter at range. So if he's far away he's going to use the sniper. It's YOUR job to close the gap and not let him do it.
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User Info: tacomangsx

4 years ago#18
It's not spamming. People just seem to nag and cry when something is too difficult to counter or is beating them.
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User Info: SoopaSte123

4 years ago#19
The sniper is Radec's only real advantage! Other characters have several advantages and really good moves but Radec's sniper is the whole thing that makes his character unique and useful. Drake has a better assault rifle and grenades and melee and moveset all around (even a revolver attack that's similar to the sniper), but only Radec can set up completely across the map and snipe people. He's MADE to sniper spam.

Now if someone tries to sniper spam up close and that's ALL they do, well then the'yre just dumb. Obviously he has to change up his strategy if people come after him, but those that don't and truly spam will suffer anyway.

User Info: RogueDark

4 years ago#20
its spam but that shouldn't bother anyone, a good player will be able to deal with it just fine.
I would love to see people who complain about this have to deal with Morgan/Doom in UMVC3 lol.
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  3. I don't count Radec's sniping as spamming...

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