Crash would be a waste of a slot

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User Info: KingzJuster

4 years ago#41
KingzJuster posted...
SuplexKirby posted...
I don't get this Crash hate. If it wasn't for him, PS would've been long dead before the DC. He was the main reason why I got into the damn playstation in the first place.

THIS. I'd dare say that the majority of the roster in this game likely wouldn't even exist without Crash Bandicoot paving the way. It makes me sad that people knock him like he's some lame and forgettable mascot like Bubsy (sorry, Bubsy fans) when the guy helped put and keep the Playstation on the map in its early days and even after that for a while.

The 90s kid in me will weep manly tears of joy if he gets announced for this game. I still remember going to K-mart with my dad as a kid and buying the very first Crash Bandicoot game and having a blast with it for a long time. I loved most of the sequels too up until Twinsanity came about.

User Info: xshobu

4 years ago#42
Crash or Spyro won't ever be in this game. They're both currently owned by Activision; Sony no longer has the rights to them.
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User Info: LuminescentRule

4 years ago#43
From: xshobu | #001
Crash or Spyro won't ever be in this game. They're both currently owned by Activision; Sony no longer has the rights to them.

And the game sold so poorly that SuperBot will never have access to them.

User Info: DemonSlayer92

4 years ago#44
Crash Bandicoot a wasted slot...

*looks at roster*

Anyone will fit in at that point. 'Sides, the boss fights in Crash games are fantastic.

User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#45
I still can't figure out why this topic is steadily being bumped >_>
-Not changing this until Emmett Graves is finally released-
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User Info: Aerodar

4 years ago#46
SmallSpock posted...
Think about it. He would be bring NOTHING new to the table.

Spinning? Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Jak, Fat Princess, and Nariko already do that.

Dropping TNT/Nitro crates? Like 75% of the roster drops traps as their down + O.

Riding a polar bear as a super? Parappa and Fat Princess.

A furry? Ratchet, Toro, Parappa, Sly, and Daxter all say hi.

Personality? He has none.

Face it. The only people who want Crash are fanboys stuck in the 90s. Gaming has changed. People only want realistic shooters now. Crash can stay dead like all other dead franchises.

lol i certainly dont want realistic shooters now, I think the market is infested with them and it's time for a change but that's just my opinion.

Most these characters are from the 90's so who cares if they put crash in. Put more shooter characters in and people will go and complain about range attacks from even more characters like they are now.

"It is what it is."

User Info: Collat

4 years ago#47
SmallSpock posted...
People only want realistic shooters now.
And those people are what's wrong with gaming today.


4 years ago#48
xSylpheed posted...
The PlayStation would be dead without Crash? Really? Crash isn't even in the top five best selling games on PS1, but he saved the first system to ever break 100 million units from death?

Crash's importance is so exaggerated on this board. He is important in PS history, but he is not some savior of the brand. What the heck?

This. It's not like PS1 had a 3rd party stranglehold or anything......It's not like they didn't have FF7, Metal Gear Solid,Grand Trismo or Tekken around back then.

Clearly everyone bought Playstation for Crash and ONLY Crash...Where have some of you guys been for the past 15 years?

Drake and Jak are all the Naughty Dog reps we need.

User Info: Android_Awesome

4 years ago#49
I'd be willing to bet that if a new Crash game was coming out, Sony would be willing to dish out some serious dough for him. Raiden,anyone?
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