IF there were a chance, which FF character would you like?

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Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#31
If I was the one making the decision it would be Vivi end of story. Sadly will not happen. If it were to happen they'd shove Lightning down our throats once again.

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#32




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User Info: myunihausen

4 years ago#33
No love for master Tellah?!?! I smell a Meteo headed your way, he'll get his revenge....

Cecil, Kain, Rydia, would be nice as well. With Cecil it could be a switch from dark knight to paladin each with different abilities.

User Info: Davimus518

4 years ago#34
1) Moogle
2) Chocobo
3) Cactaur
4) King Tonberry
5) Gilgamesh

You know, iconic monster or summon characters, not a main character from 1 game (sometimes 2 or 3). Even though Cloud is one of the most iconic PSX game characters and even carried over to PS2 on how iconic he was.

User Info: plz_dont_record

4 years ago#35
Lulu from X
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User Info: Sealion2400

4 years ago#36
Felt like making a move list too, just having fun with the idea. This is for Ramza, who was one of the first FF protagonists on the Playstation, next to Cloud. (Which is why he should be considered)

Ramza Beoulve

Level 1 Super: Attack Phase
Red squares light the ground in front and behind him (and to the sides but they dont really matter), any enemy in the fields are cut down.

Level 2 Super: Fire 3
Ramza holds his hands up and a counter begins above his head. You then take control of an area consisting of green squares. You target where the magic will land before the timer reaches zero and Ramza fires the spell. The flames immediately pillar straight up, and go through platforms, killing on contact. Ramza is unable to be interrupted during the channeling phase. Can attach the spell to an enemy. (like Sackboy's level 2)

Level 3 Super: Ultima
Ramza uses the ultimate magic spell. Instant cast, kills all on screen.

Alternate Costumes:
Purple Armor from Chapter 2 (unlockable)
Armor from Chapter 4 (DLC)

Ramza's attack moveset would work based on the jobs he can have, his special Squire class and his basic sword attacks. His AP build would be below average due to the effects he can place on himself and others.

Square would be his sword button.
neutral square - standard sword three hit combo if pressed repeatedly, last hit can be altered to send opponent up at end (like Sir Dan).
up square- Swings sword in an upward slice, sends opponent up. (aerial)
Forward Square - steps forward then delivers a powerful swing. High horizontal knockback.
Down Square - quick slash at feet, trips opponent.

Aerial Square Moves
neutral square - horizontal slash can be pressed 3 times for a little combo, quick with little to no knockback. descent is slowed while attacking.
Up Square - Same as ground form
Forward Square - Same as ground form, only without the forward step.
Down Square - downward cut , sends opponent down at a slight angle.

Triangle would be attacks gained by other classes
Neutral triangle - Ramza pulls out a bow and arrow, fires a low angle arching shot. (short distance) (aerial)
Up Triangle - Ramza equips a spear and jumps, hitting above him. Press again to make him land, hitting below him and a small area around him. (If used in the air, he just slams down)
Forward Triangle- Ramza equips a staff and fires either fire, ice, lightning from his hand. Spells are shot in that order so you can use the spell twice if you want the next time to have the effects from lightning. Very short range, all spells have same range and damage. Fire has high knockback, Ice freezes enemy for a short time, lightning disorients target (like sly's little green ball). (aerial forms are shot at a 45 degree angle below him).
Down Triangle - Ramza pulls and drinks a potion that negates AP loss from next attack that hits him. (aerial)

Circle would be his Squire class used to enhance Ramza's attributes (All aerial forms are the same)
Neutral circle - Yell - increases Ramza's movement speed for 3 secs.
Up Circle - Focus - increases Ramza's AP damage for his next hit by 20% (only one hit)
Forward Circle - Throw Stone - Ramza chucks a small stone at a high arch with low horizontal range.
Down Circle - Equip Axes - Ramza equips an axe to replace his sword. His movement and attack speed are reduced and he can only deliver a heavy downward cut to slam his opponent to the ground. He gains super armor when attacking.

Down Throw - equips gloves from monk class, punches opponent in gut. Opponent collapses to the ground.
Forward Throw - Equips gloves again, rears back and delivers a powerful punch that sends opponent flying.
Up Throw - again... gloves. Grabs opponent tosses above him then punches them higher into the air.

User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#37
boy_luck posted...
DanE4764 posted...
Lightning is also the face of FF on the xbox as well.

Which means she's more relevant to SE than any other character at the moment. Lightning is the only viable, correct choice. She definitely deserves to be in this game. She'd be way too awesome.

So true- I didn't look at it that way!

User Info: RastaNinja300

4 years ago#38

User Info: Norken

4 years ago#39
Squall, Gilgamesh, Yojimbo, Shadow, and Crusader(ff6)
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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#40
Don't really care anymore. Tried the game at a friends and didn't enjoy it.
Rainbow Dash is best pony. The only argument I will accept is for Twilight Sparkle.
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