Cole is the first character I've ever found to be cheap

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  3. Cole is the first character I've ever found to be cheap

User Info: True_Air

4 years ago#31
For those going on about SackBoys Upthrow into Super - doesn't always work. It's either luck-based or character based. Unless I'm doing it wrong?
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User Info: FS_HUNK

4 years ago#32
Alright well I'll tell you what, you keep sucking and getting stomped because of your inability to block in a fighting game. And me and the other guys will continue playing and kicking ass and worrying about people will REAL BS moves like Raiden and Kratos.
Have fun
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User Info: Charizard18

4 years ago#33
DarkECOJak posted...

Let's knock of the smart ass remarks.

This. My god this was an embarrassing read. There are ways to contest something someone says if you don't agree without making yourself look like an ass, especially when TC wasn't even making a post like most people here do saying "OMG this game is so broken, Evil Cole needs to be nerfed! He's so broken and cheap! This game has awful balance that needs to be fixed". Did he say it needs a nerf? Yes. Did he say he was cheap? Yes, but he did it in a well formatted way without making himself look like he knows absolutely nothing. Were there several things he said that weren't correct? Yeah, but at least he's not an ass. If I had gotten here first we could've had an actual conversation about this that doesn't just consist of "lol you suck get better LOL" >_______>
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User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#34
DarkECOJak posted...
You can't just foresight everything being thrown at you when you're double-teamed. If you we're that good you'd be undefeated, which we all know isn't the case for any of us, so don't act like you can judge every incoming attack. Especially if both Cole's interchange the attack for when you are about to land on a flat surface like in Hades.

That situation is the same regardless either block upon landing, or jump again, and stay in the air as much as possible. If an evil cole has 1 bar their ALWAYS gonna aim for the giga punch into super. Just assume this, every time, and your avoid it every time.
Its commonly known on Gamefaqs that if anything is more evident than proven facts, its personal opinions.

User Info: KagePakkun

4 years ago#35
TC, opinions aren't welcome here.

Everyone here is the number one player and has no losses and the problem is ALWAYS you.

Either you suck at blocking or you're new at the game. The only two conclusions on this board.

Take it or leave it.
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User Info: ParisByNite

4 years ago#36
I used to main Raiden and he's clearly the cheapest character in the game- right after the Sackboy nerf (thank GOD). I'm maining Drake right now, which is awesome. Cole... far from cheap, IMO.
I support love.
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  3. Cole is the first character I've ever found to be cheap

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