Big Daddies AP gain is Marvelous

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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#1
You get a magificent 45 AP for a full down triangle but for some reason when its started from the air you get a whopping 70 AP.

If you hit 2 targets with the air quake you get close to 90 AP and if for some reason you manage to get all 3 players in a full quake you get a marvelous 112 AP gain.

Even his standard ground combo of Triangle, up triangle gives him 50 AP, which still alot and doesnt require a long combo
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User Info: holysquid

4 years ago#2
He has pretty crappy supers to balance out his meter gain.
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User Info: Zanoooo

4 years ago#3
Down triangle is unsafe as **** on block, so is triangle.

And his ap gain is average imo.
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#4
Big Poppa
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User Info: TheBestGman2007

4 years ago#5
Seems fair. His supers are terrible, so it's just as well he needs many of them to be decent. Dan gets a lot of flak, but I think BD may be the poorest character in game.
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  3. Big Daddies AP gain is Marvelous

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