Is Kratos overpowered?

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User Info: RedrumXG

4 years ago#21
I haven't played as Kratos that much yet but I can see that he's somewhat braindead. :/
Oh and can anyone please check if my guesses are correct or not? I'm really curious as to who are the characters that MajesticFerret mentioned. Thanks. :)
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User Info: Eureka_Seven_RL

4 years ago#22
It's gotten to the point where I immediately leave a match with a Kratos in it. They can easily go for 2 level 3s and a couple of 1s. Way too OP. Cancels almost all attacks at him. Crazy range. Auto track.
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User Info: antking61

4 years ago#23
rk_711 posted...
Well considering he is the most powerful of every character, mortals shouldn't be able to touch him.

Now that's just not true at all.
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