Super Smash Bros characters vs All-Stars characters

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User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#361
amp3000 posted...
Pit fought against Medusa who in his world is a god....Kratos Took medusa's head and proceeded to kill the rest of the Gods...not taking anything away from Pit but come on man in terms of what he can do and what kratos can do it doesnt compare

Pit also defeated Hades and a bunch of aliens.
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User Info: amp3000

4 years ago#362
This is what i fellow gamers we should not be comparing Kid Icarus to Kratos....just like we shouldnt compare naruto charecters to Dragon ball z chars...thats how far off these comparisons are...

User Info: Lioyd_the_hero

4 years ago#363
It's impossible to compare due to all of the different universes!! The laws of physics or powers of a character aren't always perfectly shown in Ssbb or Psasbr.

I vote Smash Bros. one because I like it more, and two because it has more characters
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User Info: MajesticFerret

4 years ago#364
In what Sonic game is Super Sonic stated to be lightspeed? He sure as hell isn't moving anywhere near those distance/time frames in any of the games I've played and I don't remember video game Sonic ever getting a quantification on his speed, either in base or super form.

And common sense dictates Sonic's Super forms don't last forever. The fact that it lasted a week in Sonic Advance could just mean he collected rings for a week straight. If Sonic could maintain his Super form indefinately he'd just stay Super indefinately and Eggman would never be able to collect the Emeralds and Sonic would be unstoppable. Plot itself dictates his Super form has limitations, so no reason to believe the ring mechanic is gameplay only.

And Archie Sonic /=/ Sega Sonic. Different universe, different personality, different backstory, different characters, different Eggman, etc. Hell, Archie Sonic can apparently move light speed in base, though comic Sonic is hilariously inconsistent to where he's been hit by cronies and has been shown moving far slower than light on a consistent basis.
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