What's your age and main?

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User Info: campy51

5 years ago#111
20 ratchet

User Info: Blazing_Paladin

5 years ago#112
16, Ratchet and Spike.
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User Info: kaonous

5 years ago#113
l'm 106 and l play as sir daniel because his game came out when l was a teenager.

User Info: HIroChu

5 years ago#114
19. I don't have a main. I play almost everyone equally

User Info: Star_Mario

5 years ago#115
19, Raiden
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User Info: arclouks_x

5 years ago#116
Im 19 and goody good cole.
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User Info: Highgaming

5 years ago#117
ahoythere4 posted...
wwinterj25 posted...
Curious to see what age group main what characters.
26, Sweet Tooth myself. Been gaming around 20+ years.

Are we the same person? Cuz I was gonna say the same thing,

You guys should make out... lol kidding 18 and Cole Macgrath

User Info: TheMickey

5 years ago#118
27, E. Cole, followed by Sly and G. Cole (I love Sucker Punch)

User Info: TheBestGman2007

5 years ago#119
20, and Spike/Kat (when she's released).
So he replies: "and how do I manage?"
I dodge the blast, and apologize for collateral damage.

User Info: joydivisioncure

5 years ago#120
26 and Toro, although i play a mean raiden(not like that is impressive), Good Cole, Evil Cole, and SweetTooth.

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