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User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#71
Lightning's #1 Fan!!!
GOTY 2013-Lightning Returns

User Info: AWorldUnited

4 years ago#72
Fattie Pee.


User Info: BluBlue4

4 years ago#73
20 and a half.

Sweet Tooth/ Heihachi/ Starhawk guy.

I feel so young now.
If you're enjoying All-Stars don't forget to give it a fair and thoughtful review. We've got to counteract the kneejerk reactions and hissyfits.

User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#74
23 Raiden/Radec big whoop wanna fight about it?
"Man its like MGR:R is that hot girl you want to talk to at the party but can't.. and DmC is that drunk girl that won't leave you alone"-Dominus_1

User Info: Spidermonkey3

4 years ago#75
Sir Dan, Spike, PaRappa, Heihachi, Jak
Gruffy boy

User Info: Shorydouken

4 years ago#76
14, Ratchet/Parappa

User Info: G0DofD34TH

4 years ago#77
antking61 posted...


Holy crap the same exactly. But ive only had it a week so haven't begun to play really. 2 kids+wife+post holiday bs = no fraggin downtime.

User Info: anminter

4 years ago#78
18 and sly
Pokemon White FC: 2881 3515 3391
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User Info: djgl242

4 years ago#79
17, Cole and Evil Cole
Its inevitable: people around the world are becoming gamers. It's like a virus, but not even the megavitamins can save them. Sorry, Dr.Mario!

User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#80
14 Raiden/Radec
OBJECTION! This Topic Clearly Sucks!
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