What's your height and main?

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User Info: xBlaze_13

4 years ago#61
Zonte II posted...
BeautyAndABeat posted...

Something seems a little fishy here... I really don't believe everyone is over 6 ft tall. But if you are, good for you. As for me, I'm 5'9 and a half, 155 lbs, sexy, lean, and cut. I also seem to be taller than a lot of people when I go to places for some reason... which is also the reason why I don't believe any of you. Or maybe I got taller idk. Haven't measure my height in a long time.

You just said you're 5'9". That means there's no way you are "sexy" or "cut". You're a runt, no matter how you look.

Anyway, I'm 6'4" and play Big Daddy.

I dont understand, what does being 5'9 have to do about being cut?
PSN/SEN: xBlaze_13

User Info: AWorldUnited

4 years ago#62
Lexmark1989 posted...
AWorldUnited posted...
lot of liars in this topic, too. Justlike that age topic. Oh internet...You sew weird

If you can't prove they are lying I'd suggest staying quiet. Then again why lie about height of all things?

who in the eff are you to try and silence someone? internet liar CONFIRMED
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