Think of two characters now...

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User Info: Gamenamebully

4 years ago#1
Now those two characters are your parents.

Who are they and how do you react?
The Only Sane Gamer.
PSN Name: Gamenamebully

User Info: KingTumbleweed

4 years ago#2
Toro and Sly...oh god why.

User Info: jeremy21642

4 years ago#3
Kratos and Sweet Tooth.

My childhood will be troubled indeed.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die" - H.P Lovecraft

User Info: Crimson_Rex

4 years ago#4
Spike and Raiden.

I'd have to stop myself from oggling Raiden 24/7. And I'd sing Saru Getchu every time I'd see Spike.
"I hate you. I'LL KILL YOU!" - Carla Radames
The Freelancer: I worship Frank West

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#5
Cole and Nariko. I might turn out alright- with some kick ass martial arts abilities (and if it's by blood) some super powers to boot.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#6
Nariko and Dante......

I guess my dad thinks he's cool when he's not and is younger then me where as my mum looks like a man but I'd want to have sex with? I'm a screwed up kid. :(
One who knows nothing can understand nothing - GamerTag: wwinterj/PSN wwinterj

User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

4 years ago#7
.....Nariko and Toro.....

How the hell does that work...? ._. .
PSN: TwilightGundam01.IMPORTANT Twilight in name Does NOT mean the stupid movies.
Noire, Yu & Labrys for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal!, DLC or 2! XD.

User Info: GameNerd1994

4 years ago#8
Sly and Good Cole. Mere words fail to describe how ****ed up this is.
Official Sly Cooper of the PlayStation All-Stars board.
Tara Strong fan for life!

User Info: Romulus-Prime

4 years ago#9
Raiden and Nariko.
So I have a bad@$$ cyborg ninja dad and a bad@$$ hotty mom. Cool.

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#10
radec and sweet tooth....

their parenting styles are soooooooooo gonna conflict.
that or needles will murder me by age 8
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)
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