no heavy rain characters?

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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#11
I'm handsome.

User Info: AssassinHawkins

4 years ago#12
I agree about the stage. A stage through Jayden's augmented reality glasses would be pretty awesome. And I love the idea of it showing stats about the current match.

But a playable Heavy Rain character? Dumbest idea ever.

User Info: OneInchPoke

4 years ago#13
Someone made an Ethan Mars moveset video.

User Info: LUlGI

4 years ago#14
From: blazin640 | #003

User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#15
ImDyinSquirtle posted...
Retroxgamer0 posted...
Bestia_Somnia posted...
Maybe because a Heavy Rain character doesn't belong in this game? You'd have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to make up a moveset, which even then would end up being really generic. There are much more deserving characters who actually have plenty of game mechanics to make a moveset up.

Even a Heavy Rain stage would be a waste. The game doesn't have anything epic scale enough that'd be interesting as a stage.

to that i say lol sir dan

or big daddy

Sir Dan and Big Daddy = regular people

You heard it here first, folks.

Either that or the most requested 1st-party character = scraping the bottom of the barrel

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#16
OneInchPoke posted...
Someone made an Ethan Mars moveset video.


No... just no.

That moveset was terrible. First flaw was that it lacked any potential anti-air attacks. Second flaw was that there's no way that something as huge as a car would be able to fit on the stage like Parappa's lvl 2. It's like the creator was so desperate for moves that he had to scrape the bottom of that damn barrel and didn't actually think about how some of these moves would actually fit and transition into the game's stages.

There are so many more worthy characters that actually are suited to a fighting game and have enough video games mechanics that you don't have to go desperately using one-time cutscene moments as attacks.

User Info: xXxAgentAdaxXx

4 years ago#17
I was extremely saddened when there were no Heavy Rain references n this one at all. It's simply one of the best modern games available on the PS3.

Right, a character probably doesnt fit. But what about a stage? Resistance got one, why not Heavy Rain? The possibilities are endless, you could be in a warehouse and rain starts filling up (stage hazard) and then the ground falls into another mashed-up game.
Formerly known as xXxAdaxXx.

User Info: wwinterj25

4 years ago#18
xXxAgentAdaxXx posted...
I was extremely saddened when there were no Heavy Rain references n this one at all. It's simply one of the best modern games available on the PS3.

Honestly once you beat Heavy Rain that was it. It was nothing but a interactive movie to me with very little depth and not what it made it's self out to be. I plat the game and then sold it. The only think I wouldn't mind is a stage but that's it.
One who knows nothing can understand nothing - GamerTag: wwinterj/PSN wwinterj

User Info: I_phantom

4 years ago#19
The killer's super would be to kill someone while he's in a different room being watched by someone.

God the ending ruined that game for me.

User Info: X195

4 years ago#20
A Heavy Rain rep isn't necessarily a bad idea (there's no "there's no moves to use!!!" problem people often claim, they can easily make up any moveset for anyone), but there are a LOT others on the line already.
Call me Mega, Megaman, X, or any variation/combination of the previously stated names.
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