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User Info: jhoke13

4 years ago#41
2v1, partner DC'd at the beginning, Heihachi (me) vs 2x Big Daddy. Battle of The Armor moves! Strapping both of those bastards to a rocket and sending them to space Manthong style. Oh and unleashing Kuma on Stowaway's before the stage opened up. Never was the laugh more appropriate.
XBL:Element H

User Info: TheAgent41

4 years ago#42
I used Sweet Tooth's Level 1 in a FFA match. The guy I kicked bounce off the wall (we were standing right next to the wall when I did it) and killed the other two opponents (all 4 of us were huddled in a bunch).
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User Info: Leagult

4 years ago#43
Timing the jump landing of the 3 spread out players for Spike's lv2.

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