Why do people dismiss PS1 characters as wasted slots?

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  3. Why do people dismiss PS1 characters as wasted slots?

User Info: TrueKirby

4 years ago#61
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User Info: Mightymega

4 years ago#62
The whole character is a wasted slot is something that needs to die. Rarely is it ever used in a situation right.
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User Info: robulastage

4 years ago#63
hotgamer posted...
The only one I think is wasting a slot is Toro. This is easily the worst character in history of videogames.

Sir Dan also waste a slot not because he is from PS1 era, but because he is an ugly, brainless idiot skeleton who can't even talk properly. Oh, his game sucked too, regardless it was on ps1 or not. It would have been on PS2 or Ps3 and it would still be garbage.

Medievil was terrible? Gamespot gave an 8.2, IGN a 7.8, EGM a 7.8, and the old Playstation magazine gave it a 4/5. Look anywhere else and you'll see similar scores and reviews.

Medievil 2 is pretty much the same with its review scores, maybe slightly better.

Resurrection? Not so much.

So you can't really trash Medievil just because you didn't like it, don't remember it, never played it, or because you sucked so badly at it.
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User Info: walnut100

4 years ago#64
I'd imagine it's because a lot of folks here aren't old enough to remember the PS1

Parappa was huuuuge
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User Info: ChocoboDreams

4 years ago#65
Snovvbub posted...
Wait, really?

All I've been hearing is that the newer characters don't deserve their slots, and this should be PS1 All-Stars.

IE stuff like Sackboy, Kratos and Drake don't deserve their slots over Crash, Spyro, Dart etc.

Dart wasn't even an All-Star when his game released.
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User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#66
lucapit posted...
I never knew who they were until This game came out..so yeah..not everyone on the roster is an allstar..more like unknown stars.

well you are probally a little kid and grew up during the ps3 most people grew up on the ps1/n64

User Info: yoshirpg

4 years ago#67
GreatJallopi posted...
More than once I've seen Parappa and Spike dismissed as wasted and "not all-stars", when the fact is Parappa the Rapper and Ape Escape were some of the most iconic PS1 games.

How can people say franchises like Killzone and Heavenly Sword are more representative of PlayStation than the aforementioned ones? Seriously, when I first heard about this, my first thought was that Parappa should be playable, not, say, Nariko or Radec.

Those kids were born like 5 years AFTER these characters were fresh to the gaming community.
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  3. Why do people dismiss PS1 characters as wasted slots?

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