C/D Good Cole takes more skill/practice than Evil Cole

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User Info: xdifferentx

4 years ago#11
I play both and neither of them take much skill.. good cole just needs to spam his freeze while evil cole just needs to falcon punch

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#12
His combos are harder than E. Coli but he has the potential for an AP burst off of quite a few moves.

Personally I like playing as him but find more success with Evil Cole (who doesn't?)
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User Info: Capitan_Kid

4 years ago#13
TheMickey posted...
I started the game wanting to play one of the Coles, didn't care which. My first play through was of G Cole because I liked his powers more in his own game than evil. I kind of wanted to like G Cole better cause of that and also I find in games that little kids all go for the "evil" stuff first for some reason cause they think is cooler. Anyway, after that I tried E Cole and kinda liked the fact that his down triangle had more power and that the forward O gave horizontal mobility unlike the ice spire jump which is basically just a glorified double jump in this game.

After playing with E Cole a while, like to around rank 150 or so I went back to try G Cole and... Damn. I found him nearly unplayable by comparison.

I have seen good G Cole players that beat my ass online. But not many. I'd definitely have to say Confirm, takes more skill to play a G Cole properly

Last night actually I tried him out again for some variety. Did like 5 matches as G Cole in quick match. I couldn't really figure out any decent way to build AP. other than spamming grenades and running if anyone got close or redirect rockets it seemed really hard to get anything done with him

Dude what? Good Cole is just as easy to use. Just hit them with the ice rocket and they become putty in your hands.

User Info: bobaban

4 years ago#14
I like Evil Coles playstyle better, I like cause havoc with all the triangle powers.. I picked him up as my 2nd main. I really liked infamous too.


4 years ago#15

User Info: ApolloJusticeAA

4 years ago#16
Crabhammar posted...
rlaur2 posted...
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  3. C/D Good Cole takes more skill/practice than Evil Cole

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