What's your favorite intro?

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User Info: tomandsam

4 years ago#1
I really like Ratchet's I Do Not Come in Peace.
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User Info: ImDyinSquirtle

4 years ago#2
I wouldnt know, because everyone keeps mashing the start button and I never get to see all the intros D:
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User Info: Rainbowsaurus

4 years ago#3
I like Sly's "Shhh" one and the one where FP is carried in by a villager and flattens him.
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User Info: cuttin_in_town

4 years ago#4
Parappa's high speed punches & Toro's pushups.

I STILL remember meeting my first Toro & Parappa online (besides beta) in a 2v2.

Me and a Raiden vs them. When their intros came, I honestly got intimidated XD I thought they were jokes.
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User Info: coolpizzacook

4 years ago#5
Glad to drop in!

User Info: AndKevinBacon

4 years ago#6
You can't stop me.

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