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User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#1
I know this is the third one I've done, but I like doing em. It's fun to show others my ideas and see theirs. Anyways-

Commander Shepard- Mass Effect.

Default- Male Shep, ME3 starting gear.
Alt 1- Fem shep, ME3 starting gear, has a different voice, same hit box.
Alt 2- Either shep, default ME1 starting gear for Soldier class.


Neutral- Omni-Blade Combo- does a 2 hit combo with the Omni-Blade, followed by slamming the enemy away with the butt of his gun.

Side- Vanguard Charge- Shepard charges forward, knocking enemies aside. Can be charged to gain more distance to the charge, as well as super armor.

Up- Biotic Uppercut- Does an uppercut empowered by biotics, sending the enemy upwards. Square can be pressed directly after to slam them into the ground with biotics, knocking them a bit away, or the play can alternatively use his other abilities. Air version the slam down drops them like a rock into the ground.

Down- Sentinel Shield burst- Shepard gains the Sentinel Shield, then slams the ground, causing it to overload and burst in a small explosion of electricity. Can be held to delay. Air version is unable to delay, and causes him to plummet, detonating as soon as he hits the ground.


Neutral- Avenger Assault Rifle- Shepard fires of a burst with his iconic rifle. Acts like Drakes in that he can move once he starts firing, but only towards the enemy. Can hit square to hit them away, again similar to Drakes.

Side- M-98 Widow- Shepard pulls out his sniper rifle. Can be aimed, but travels a furhter distance than Ratchet's, but shorter than Radec's. Does damage in between the two snipers. Air version he uses the Infiltrator class's Cloak ability to seemingly teleport to the ground, then fires. Has a shorter distance and cannot be aimed.

Up- Singularity- Shepard fires a biotic bolt upward at an angle. After a certain distance, or if it hits an enemy, it becomes a Singularity. The singularity sits in the air for five seconds. If an enemy is in the Singulairty. They're then pulled into the center of it, before it explodes sending them flying.

Down- M-300 Claymore- Pulls out his heavy Krogan shotgun and fires. Has an incredibly short range, but does high damage and sends enemies flying. Causes Shepard to stagger a bit after firing it, leaving him open.


Neutral- Pull- Shepard fires a bolt of biotic energy. If it hits an enemy, it causes them to float and be pulled toward Shepard for a bit. The bolt doesn't move very quickly.

Side- Incinerate/Overload/ Cryo Blast- Shepard fires a random Tech ability with his Omni-Tool. All move the same speed, and all have very light, and easily dealt with homing. Do not move very far forward, about the distance of Jak's Arc Welder.
Incinerate does extra damage and appears FAR more often., Overload can stun for as long as Cole's side circle, and Cryo Blast can slow them for three seconds appears rarely.

Up- Combat Drone- Shepard summons a Combat Drone, which flies around the stage firing shots for three to five AP a piece .

Down- Ammo Change- Shepard swaps between three different Ammo Types that are applied to all of his gun moves. Incendiary Ammo rounds have the chance to set enemies on fire and deal extra damage. Disruptor Ammo has a chance to stun an enemy for a second or two. Cryo Ammo has the chance to slow an enemy for a few seconds.

Supers and the rest on the next post.
GT: Dsurion21

User Info: Dsurions_Wrath

4 years ago#2
Commander Shepard- Part 2


Level 1- Omni-Blade Heavy Attack- Shepard does a heavy attack with the Omni-Blade, is mildly fast, but close ranged.
Level 2- M-920 Cain- Shepard pulls out the M-920 Cain then fires it. The round will travel across the stage a set distance, or until it hits something, detonating in a large explosion (about the size of Raiden's stun ring at the start of his level 2)
Level 3- Never Fight Alone- Cutscene- Shepard steps up with his/her gun at the ready as Garrus and Liara step up behind him/her. Actual Super- Garrus and Liara join the battle, running alongside Shepard. They will automatically attempt to fire on enemies with unique abilities to help Shepard get kills- Liara will use Stasis to hold enemies in place but can be avoided or Pull enemies making them slowly float towards where she fired it from.. Garrus will use Overload to stun or fire off rounds with his sniper rifle that will cause enemies to crumple. Shepard will remain the same speed, and can only attack by using his assault rifle which he can only aim forward, at an angle upwards, or at an angle downwards. After a bit of firing he must reload, so time your burst to get the max amount of kills. Enemies do not need to be stunned by allies to be killed by the assault rifle.


Joker tells a joke over communications making Shepard shake his head chuckling.
EDI makes a comment about one of the enemies he's fighting (has unique comments for each character, including another Shepard) while Shepard reloads whatever gun he's holding.
Holds his hand up, making the Omni-Blade appear, admiring it for a few seconds before making it vanish.

GT: Dsurion21

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