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User Info: blitz_0623

4 years ago#21
So Kahn has every CoD game. And he probly sucks at every single one

User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#22
Ktimleck posted...
People should just stop dignifying Khan with responses and let him sit there brooding over this game.

PSASBR gets confirmed dlc: flop
sells pretty well over all: flop
confirmed dlc: flop
strong active online community: flop
eventual sequel: flop

khan face it ....youre wrong. Be a man. Acknowledge it and move on. (or be a boy and whine)
PSN: grau 226
Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: Nath1343

4 years ago#23
So much ignorance.
PSN: nath1343
Isaac, Shulk, Toad and Pac-Man for Super Smash Bros 4!

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