whos the funnest character to play as?

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User Info: LightEcoSage

4 years ago#61
wwinterj25 posted...
LightEcoSage posted...
Invalid because this is a troll statement. Do I need to bring up the times you rage at people for having opinions because ive seen it.

It's a opinion and sure show me some of my rage son because I've no idea what you are talking about.

LightEcoSage posted...
You act like I gotta accept everybody opinions. Thats just not going to happen. Its in human nature to disagree with somebody.

You can disagree but the way you do it you come across as forcing your opinion on folk. If you didn't do that then people might not have a issue with you.

LightEcoSage posted...
Jak level 3 is crap to you? His alternate costume is crap to you!? What kind of mindset do you have! >_> btw not an insult...

A health but little bit tired mindset. His level 3 isn't that great no. I find it way to much effort to build up to a level 3(without spamming) to use such a crappy super. As for his alts there isn't much variety at all. I'm aware they are from his games but the point still stands. This would have been a good one:

LightEcoSage posted...
The way you treat people is the way you will get treated back.

At least we agree on something.

1. Forget it I was hoping you'll admit it but never mind.

2. Thats your opinion. As I said I don't do that. Thats how you see it. Im fine.

3. You slightly changed the subject and answer. First you say his level 3 is bad now you say the AP it takes to get there is bad. AP wise is bad but level 3 is amazing but just short. The fact that he can fly and move around the screen fast makes it better then peoples like Kratos and Sweet Tooths.

Btw nice way to troll on that comment. Jak does have that costume. But its the one from his actual 1st game. I don't know why that one on the wiki is red. I don't understand your opinion Jak costumes have great variety especially the racing gear because its complete new clothing in every way. His racing gear is no where near similaar to his default or other costumes. Thats why Jak II outfit wasn't added because it was to close to Jak 3 outfit.
I love how blocked people like NDGamer thinks he's getting the last word or wins an argument just cause I can't reply back lol.

User Info: Flownaway86

4 years ago#62
Fat Princess. She is such a troll character, love her!
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  3. whos the funnest character to play as?

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