any Radec player here???

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User Info: Bahamut_Shin

4 years ago#1
I want 1v1 against other Radec players.
I want to see how good I'm with Radec, and try to learn from other Radec players.
(or am I the only Radec here???)

edit: PSN: Bahamut_Shin
this guy don't speak english!!

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#2
I don't play him much :/
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PSN: Bluechacho

User Info: BkzUzi

4 years ago#3
I'm the best Radec.

User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#4

User Info: Shorydouken

4 years ago#5

User Info: XMarx312

4 years ago#6
I like to think I play a decent radec, and I could always learn from other radecs. Send me a FR if you'd like to get some matches in. PSN: ManofBlak222

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