Thats BS, you have to PAY for the DLC stage

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  3. Thats BS, you have to PAY for the DLC stage

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#131
This is so totally stupid that I wouldn't be surprised if IGN is just wrong. You can't sell stages in a game with random matchmaking and no stage select. It just doesn't work. - Watch me beat "NES Die Hard" - My backloggery

User Info: ThaCMaster

4 years ago#132
Eureka_Seven_RL posted...
ThaCMaster posted...
Zao_Yen posted...
"Don't like it, don't buy it." wow there are still people saying that?the most IDIOTIC thing ever said about dlc?dlc is the plague of videogames,the cancer of the industry...i MAY understand if its an rpg games,where the developers thought about some side missions,so if you LIKE THEM,you buy them,but otherwise the game is "complete" as it is.we're talking about a fighting game here..OF COURSE you want an extra stage and\or characters!they should 've been in the game already!its like if nintendo release a Mario game,but you can only choose Luigi as character,and you have to pay for unlocking should have been there from the beginning,and as such should be characters and stages.dlc is already a horrbile thing..applied to fighting games is just offending to the mind of every people who are considered "sane".oh,except those who thinks that "if you don't like don't buy it",eh.

No, you're not entitled to free stuff. Things cost time and resources to produce and companies can charge what they want for it. Either buy the content or don't. Period.

And games have had expansion sets for years. Not to mention tweaks and fixes. You don't work overtime for free so don't expect extra stuff for free.

Entitled? It's called wanting a complete game. All Stars last time I played is a bare bones brawler. It's a game that feels like it was made within the year. Aside from even content it has a long list of errors, imbalance, and glitches. The fact that they patched sackboy after release should be a red flag this was a beta game sent out to the market.

Well then don't buy the game in the future. Anybody can complain about something and expect more free stuff, doesn't mean developers should give away free stuff because you don't like it. They have a staff that needs to be paid. You don't work for free do you?

Also, the game is fine, and games have constant patches. The fact that they're working on the game shows that they care about the issues. I'd rather have that than to have the game not worked on (like Twisted Metal). Would you rather buy 4 different versions of the same game like Street Fighter, with a few more characters and tweaks.

They're GIVING you two characters and saying you can buy a stage if you want. If you don't want to simply don't. They don't owe you anything else.

It's a free market. People have the freedom to buy something or not buy something, or to buy it from a friend or a dealer. I like freedom and don't want force on either end because everybody should have a choice on what they want.
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  3. Thats BS, you have to PAY for the DLC stage

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