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User Info: Ike_rules

4 years ago#1
Kratos, the God of War (GoW3 endgame)


DMC4 Dante (endgame)

Kratos only has knowledge that Dante may be demon and Dante knows nothing of Kratos.

Battlefield : A Vast plateau.

Who would win? and why?
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User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#2
Kratos because Kratos.
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User Info: Kindertotenwald

4 years ago#3
Dante is much faster, quicker reactions, stronger and is harder to actually kill.
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User Info: xXxSuQingXinxXx

4 years ago#4
Dante would talk Kratos to death.
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User Info: gimme_my_burger

4 years ago#5
it depends on if the circle button works on dante or not
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User Info: boy_luck

4 years ago#6
Kratos would roflstomp Dante with little to no effort, then find him in Hades and destroy him again. The the power of the manskirt is boundless.
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User Info: Karstien

4 years ago#7
Since this is the playstation all-stars board, that should be Dante [DmC Engame]. Don't want to ruin the data now do we?

And I vote Dante, because the Union Jack on his arm will keep him safe.
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