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User Info: Autumn4

4 years ago#21
tacomangsx posted...
Is this where "NERF RADEC" crys are going to start?

I'll find you OP and spam -> Triangle IRL.

Oh no you won't I'm prepared
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User Info: atopthemountain

4 years ago#22
SpacePirateKhan posted...
too_sexay posted...
I told people that on the PSN and they do not understand that Radec is meant for keep away and does not have fist fight friendly combos.

Indeed. If I even had the combo potential of Sackboy I might rush in from medium range and curb stomp someone for the AP burst, but without proper spacing for a wall bounce, the AP gain isn't worth trying to combo with Radec's limited moveset. (The up throw to ~80 AP is nice when someone gets close enough to punish, though)

you two really hit the nail on the head....

ive sniped at point blank range but thats because i set people up for it....
his pure melee fight game is only as competent as sirdan's at best....and -> [] for some reason can potentially be rolled out of...throws imo are far more reliable.
so yea as a result sniping may take priority in most radecs playstyles...hence as someone mentioned earlier its not fair to bash radecs for using camp tactics...generally speaking radecs NEED it at some point...
i hope superbot will improve on his close range because of it that....
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Radec (brother:Sweet tooth)

User Info: Random-Kate

4 years ago#23
I know Radecs that play up close.
~Quick Match Sackgirl~
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