Mortal kombat style kills?

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User Info: G-Scythe

4 years ago#11
blaze19_0X posted...
It's funny because even at Evo, blood and fatalities aren't always turned off. I'd imagine people seeing the game for the first time considering how tame most other fighters are might be in for a bit of a shock.

the first Evo MK9 was at, people rarely used fatalities
JWong (Champ) said its because they take too long and you dont want to lose your adrenaline between sets

also, EVERYONE has heard of Mortal Kombat by now
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User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#12
Toro does the body takeover fatality zombie Lui Kang had in deception.
Now he is real humans.
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User Info: callego

4 years ago#13
I want to see Raiden Zan-datsu someone (slice them in half and rip out their spine).
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User Info: I_Wanna_Cookie

4 years ago#14
Jak and Daxter doing
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User Info: AWorldUnited

4 years ago#15
atopthemountain posted...
id love to see nariko do B.O's killer instinct no mercy

Not safe for work!

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