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User Info: jump__0

4 years ago#1
In all seriousness, nariko's lv3 is overhyped. It is by far the most inconsistent lv3 there is. While it can net 6 kills in 2v2 that's only on dojo, practice stage small, or if you opponents are running to you to purposefully get killed.
It can also be completely evaded for the entire duration as seen by a toro user when I was with Crab. A completely escapable lv3? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Nariko's lv3 needs a few changes.
- Movement speed increase (like BD lv2)
- Jump height boost
- reduced start-up on circle attack
- can cancle circle into square
- not important but; circle kills on contact.. why does it make the person bounce in the air then explode?
- Increased rotation speed of Circle so you can't air dodge then roll then jump air dodge to escape it
- An attack can be used earlier during flash fadeout (like Drake's and everyone elses)
- Square and Triangle can hit air dodging/ rolling opponents
- Decreased duration by X seconds. I forget how long it currently lasts but depending on changes it may need less time so it wont be getting a consistent 6 or 7 kills.
It should be like all the other level 3's, an easy 4 kills in 2v2, possibly 5 since her other supers are horrendous.

You may be saying wait that sounds like a lot but it's her freaking lv 3. No other lv 3 can be outrun and escaped so easily.
Make it nearly inescapable but reduce the duration so you're getting a consistent 4 kills (in 2v2) and a chance at a 5th.

Other issues with her;
- Her cancel window should appear earlier so she can jump / roll cancel much sooner thus making for some kind of mixup/mindgame action like it was intended. Consequently it would make her square combos useful.
- Her air up square has a strange hit box. It doesn't match it's appearance.
- Her lv2 needs an added attack where she swings her blades around the turret to kill people nearby.
- down triangle should consistently combo into circle. right now it's a 1 frame link. Incredibly unreliable

So, fair/unfair, oui/non? What's your say?

EDIT oh good. as I was writing this retro made a nariko topic. my timing is so good -_-
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User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#2
Where are all these narika topics coming from?
Its commonly known on Gamefaqs that if anything is more evident than proven facts, its personal opinions.

User Info: dadkwashere

4 years ago#3
I personally believe she needs a, speed boost to her level three and a faster timein getting ris of enemies. To compensate for her level 2 I mean. Sweet toothhad a bad level two but a awesome level 1 and a great level 3.
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User Info: p1793a

4 years ago#4
Retro's topic already explained everything there is to know about Nariko. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

User Info: jump__0

4 years ago#5
I hate that I finally decided to come out with my nariko ideas at this time. -_-
But seriously, I feel like what I said makes sense and is reasonable. However I'm up for people saying what they think so discus!
power of friendship one shots everything. - DarkHeroZX

User Info: Crabhammar

4 years ago#6
Oh mah gawd that was so garbage. He literally just Oni uT -> nC infinitely. They should make it so that getting hit while sleeping = no more attacks.

Anyways, I agree, Nariko has so much going against her.
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